Carnivores Pillow Talk Cover

Latest dispatch from Atlanta’s Carnivores, featuring Bradford Cox. Culled from the sessions from the band’s forthcoming LP, Second Impulse, due out in June.

MP3: Carnivores :: Pillow Talk (featuring Bradford Cox)

3 Responses to “Carnivores :: Pillow Talk (featuring Bradford Cox)”

  1. cox vibes indeed

  2. […] Carnivores feat. Bradford Cox — ”Pillow Talk” The ever-prolific Bradford Cox cannot be tamed! When he’s not making Deerhunter or Atlas Sound records, he’s guesting on other people’s songs — like this one, from Atlanta-based band Carnivores. The track has a pleasantly lo-fi charm, and can be downloaded via Aquarium Drunkard. […]

  3. Love it!

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