Golden-GrrrlsLike seemingly all Glaswegians of the past twenty years, Golden Grrrls pen cloudy, painfully melodic peacoat pop. Sure, the name’s unfortunate (it started as a joke, as these things often do), but it’s also a fairly tidy summary of the way the trio sandblast their melodies on their endlessly playful and playable self-titled debut. Bedroom production and half-distorted guitars rub some of the shine off of co-leaders Ruari MacLean, Rachel Aggs, and Elidih Rodgers’ pop sensibility, and MacLean sings with a kind of foggy, distracted enthusiasm that shades his baritone, giving it a tint reminiscent of Calvin Johnson. In fact, Johnson’s Pac NW serves as the record’s secondary regional touchstone; Aggs and Rodgers twine their voices expertly around and within the guitar lines, adding the slightest snarl at the edges of Grass Widow’s wistful smiles. When all three singers get going, as they do in the trenches of “Past Tense”’s frenzied shuffle and dot-connecting bassline, they move out from the center in different directions. It’s like they’re singing three different songs pieced together from the same set of notes, and when their paths happen to cross, as they do while flying above the rat-tatting of “Paul Simon,” the three separate views of the single landscape is stunning.  words/ m garner

Golden Grrrls :: Past Tense
Golden Grrrls :: We’ve Got. . .

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  2. Man, music like this just never gets old for me. I love this kind of C86/Sarah records stuff. Very cool.

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