aquarium drunkard shirt

Only the good shit. Our ‘astral blues’ t-shirt is finally available, as modeled above by our amigo for life, Cold Splinters‘ Jeff Thrope. It’s spring, and you need a new t-shirt. Wear it as-is, or, if you’re like Justin, embrace your inner redneck and whack the sleeves off. Super-soft, pre-shrunk, priced at a real nice twenty bones. Limited run.

Rep AD – get yours, here.

18 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard: Astral Blues T-Shirt — Now Available”

  1. ordered! <3 you guys

  2. dope

  3. got mine

  4. only the good shit

  5. I’m half-blind, is that blue or grey? Regardless, it looks great!

  6. @Kaley – its actually a blend of both colors.

  7. getting hot here – I need this in my life

  8. Love it /

  9. is the fit similar to AA?

  10. Ditto, por favor. How’s the fit? They snug or loose? Ordering mediums online and then looking like “that guy” is always a bummer.

  11. @Erica / Brett

    Fit and feel like this:

  12. Mahalo!

  13. on its way to my body! i’m cutting it up and making a tank.

  14. So it’s been a couple weeks since I ordered mine. Any ideas on when they actually get sent? Gracias.

  15. @dainon yeah, the second batch go out this week from the fulfillment company. thanks for your support, man.

  16. Are there any left & can you buy from the uk?

  17. Can you print up some more plz?

  18. still in print!

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