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For those who fall easy under the spell of rock and roll’s wild-haired cosmic prancer, Marc Bolan’s Demos From the Underworld¬†is streaming on the the glam man’s legacy Bandcamp. This digital album collects a sampling of musical sketches from T. Rex’s final three LPs, Bolan’s Zip Gun, Futuristic Dragon, and Dandy In the Underworld, and the selection presents a cross-section of Bolan’s not-quite-as-iconic late period from an alternative, skeletal vantage point. Demos is a sonic snapshot, a montage of the craftsman at work, doodling and riffing and experimenting with “futuristic” sounds.¬†Bolan’s unmistakable, soaring “glam” feels present in these drafts but without the oversized pomp of his studio recordings (T.Rex’s big sound made small)–it’s as if he’s singing in front of a mirror instead of a sold out arena. Presented “for your listening curiosity,” the Bolan Bandcamp notes, “Perhaps Marc was a bit more forward-thinking even during the so-called low point of his career…” Indeed, this set’s spindly fidelity could be a missing link to the overambitious hooks and jangles of DIY, home-studio rockers who followed in Bolan’s footsteps. / a spoto

MP3: T. Rex :: Golden Belt

3 Responses to “T. Rex :: Demos From The Underworld”

  1. streaming now

  2. I’m sure if events hadn’t turned out the way they did, this is the sort of music Bolan would have gone back to making.

  3. sound from another space!

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