This one’s 2am with a matte black finish. The Organizsation’s take on the traditional blues holler done up in the hands of mid-sixties young blues freaks and jazzbos. A tonic by the way of The Graham Bond Organization’s The Sound of 65.

MP3: The Graham Bond Organisation :: Early in the Morning

7 Responses to “The Graham Bond Organisation :: Early In The Morning”

  1. That’s a young Ginger Baker standing there, head down, in that photo!

  2. I love that classic look superb

  3. Love it!!!

  4. Amen.

  5. Alan Lomax prison recording of ‘Early In The Morning’ from 1947, maybe one of the first recordings of the song…

  6. […] The Graham Bond Organisation :: Early In The Morning […]

  7. Standing next to the young Ginger Baker is an equally young Jack Bruce! Before Eric Clapton, they were teamed with Graham Bond and Dick Heckstall-Smith, both pictured.

    As for “It was Early in the Morning”, I can hear the Doors about to come into being when I listen to the Graham Bond Organisation version. I want to hear the Alan Lomax recording too, but there’s something holding me back.

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