Exuma :: Exuma I & II

exuma-II-1Consider this a PSA. Our brother in arms, Ghost Capital, is back online with a super fresh new look. I’ll let you mosey around on your own, only to point out that the front page is presently highlighting a myriad of goods including vinyl rips of Exuma’s 1970 debut and sophomore joint, Exuma II.

‘Righteous Afro-Bahamian songwriter Macfarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey, aka Exuma, sang it with depth. At times, he comes on like a man possessed, defiantly exorcising himself. His earliest work is an unreal melange of heavy folk dirges, pounding junkanoo ruckus, and the groaning incantations of mythically just, voudoun enlivened cataclysms of spiritual and material oppressions in our brave new world. Proper chant down Babylon vibes’

MP3: Exuma :: Baî¤l

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