Link-Wray-Be-What-You-Want-552018The annals of rock & roll are littered with various and sundry odes to doing yer own thang. This here is Link Wray’s take. All open-road and windows rolled wayyy the fuck down, “Be What You Want To”, released in 1973, is the title track to Wray’s 8th long player.

Tracked in San Francisco with a host of the local musical zeitgeist lending a hand (Thomas Jefferson Kaye, Jerry Garcia, Commander Cody) it’s very much post gunslinger Wray — a thick stew of boogie rock, country funk and soul. Coming off the gritty, ramshackle, and indescribably great, Shack series recorded two years prior, the track, while obviously not as loose as the Shack sessions, retains said spirit. Highway Americana.

MP3: Link Wray :: Be What You Want To

5 Responses to “Link Wray :: Be What You Want To”

  1. love the backup singers

  2. Amazing record! Finally found it on vinyl, it’s hard to find any information on this record.
    For instance, “All Cried Out” is apparently written by M.Deborah and M.Curtis, who are they? Has anyone else covered this great song?

  3. Solid choice. Haven’t heard this record, but the Shack sessions get a lot play in my car. I am liking this more polished track which doesn’t manage to loose the feeling of the Shack stuff.

  4. a tribute to Wray:

  5. […] for about a year and then returned to record at Vernon Wray’s Copper State Recording with Link Wray in Tucson, Arizona. I really enjoy the stuff Link was making in that era — did you feel like […]

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