street songs

Still waiting for that reissue. Private press Hawaiian psych monster – Howard Nishioka’s Street Songs, 1979.

MP3: Howard Nishioka :: Carnivourous Dogaramus

7 Responses to “Howard Nishioka :: Carnivourous Dogaramus (Street Songs, 1979)”

  1. thanks for the reminder, here. pulled this from you a couple years back.

  2. I dig this a lot. thanks!

  3. Mahalo! Will scour the local record shops this week. Definitely never heard of this. Sounds sweet!

  4. Would love to hear this!

  5. Also thanks for the reminder. I grabbed this from holywarbles a while back. Great album.

  6. […] — ”Carnivourous Dogaramus” And finally: wow. I discovered this at the excellent Aquarium Drunkard — it apparently dates from 1979 and was featured on Nishioka’s album Street Songs. You may […]

  7. Sounds like Blur stole the intro riff from this song for Song 2. Woohoo.

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