Africa :: Music From “Lil Brown” (1968)

Known to J Dilla disciples for his sampling of “Light My Fire” on Donuts, it was Lil Brown’s title and artwork – an obvious nod to Music From Big Pink – that initially caught my ear a few years back. I suppose all roads do lead to Rome.

Aside from the title nod, “Lil Brown” is a far cry from Danko/Manuel. In lieu of the fabled West Saugerties, NY rental in which the Band hashed out their opus, here we’re presented with a modest brown garage tucked away in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood of south Los Angeles. It was in this garage the members of Africa both conceived and laid down what would constitute their sole (commercially released) album recorded under the collective handle of ‘Africa’. Comprised of seasoned L.A. vocal group veterans, doo-wop and otherwise, Africa’s m.o. wavered between interpretations of, then, contemporary rock covers to soul and funk originals. Incorporating and exploring a wide swath of styles and arrangements (from Latin rhythms and funky hoodoo to traditional R&B and soul flourishes) the album at times feels geographically unplaceable — which is exactly part of it’s enduring charm. Produced by Lou Adler, 1968.

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4 thoughts on “Africa :: Music From “Lil Brown” (1968)

  1. So this has never been reissued anywhere? Every time you post something from this I try to track it down without any luck. Any idea how to get even a digital copy.

    – A

  2. The closing track of “You Take Advantage” is stellar. Excellent vocals with a catchy groove, but then again, that pretty much is found bubbling across all the tracks on this album.

    My father finally tracked down the record after years of telling me about this forgotten album. Thanks for posting this and reminding me to revisit this album!

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