King Khan :: It’s A Lie

king khan

King Khan’s next release, with the Shrines, Idle No More, is tee’d up for a September release – this time via Merge Records. Says Khan of the new project: “The Shrines was my pirate ship and we sailed many a turbulent sea, spreading our music ‘like peanut butter’ all over the world….The dream was to make something reminiscent of Sun Ra, James Brown, and Otis Redding with a hint of The Velvet Underground, Love, The Monks and about a million other influences that riddled my LSD-soaked brain at the tender age of 22. Idle No More is probably the most refined piece of music we have made to date. The songs are about the state of the world we live in today.” It’s been a minute. Bring on the circus.

In the meantime, here’s an oldie/goodie KK solo joint initially released on 45 via Norton Records, later comped on their I Still Hate CDs collection.

MP3: King Khan :: It’s A Lie

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