“Blaze is one of the most spiritual cats I’ve ever met; an ace finger picker; a writer who never shirks the truth.” -Townes Van Zandt

Blaze Foley was a bright shining star in the world of dark emotive country and folk music in the 1970s and 80s, before being gunned down in a murderous quip between a father and son, Concho and Carey January, on February 1, 1989. 24 years after his untimely death, a full-length album of songs from Blaze and his band, the Beaver Valley Boys, will be released next month via the San Francisco based Secret Sevens Records/Lost Art Records. Entitled Cold Cold World, the album is a collection of recordings captured between 1979 and 1980 in a Texas studio that finds Foley and his band in top form. The title cut alone is a striking and profoundly well-mastered track that highlights Foley’s genius and natural knack for writing simplistically calm, yet philosophical country ballads. Cold, Cold, World is an honest, reverent, homage to a songwriter whose relevance should never be lost on this world.  words/ j elizabeth

7 Responses to “Blaze Foley :: Cold Cold World”

  1. Yes!! Still kicking myself for missing out on that last Blaze LP Secret Seven put out.

  2. beautiful track, thanks AD!!!

  3. Beautiful song, thanks. The album is on iTunes (Germany) btw., based on a 2006 CD release, it seems.

  4. Murderous quip?

  5. Yes,

    Quip – something strange, droll, curious, or eccentric…his fate and death was eccentric and curious. I find it to be the description I intended. Thanks for commenting!


  6. I bought this album years ago

  7. Hi Rob,

    Nice well, it’s not being promoted as a reissue, which I guess it should be if that is the case.


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