Bitchin Bajas :: Sun City

bitchin bajasLike a dream collab between Fripp & Eno circa No Pussyfooting and peak period Alice Coltrane, Bitchin Bajas’ Bitchitronics long player is a stupendous set of spiritual, cosmic bliss. The Coltrane connection is made explicit by song titles such as   “Transcendence” and “Turiya” (the latter being the name Alice went by in her later days), and there’s plenty of that unmistakeable Frippertronics guitar sound here. Influences aside, this is a purely gorgeous album from the Chicago trio. Take a little time today to bathe in “Sun City”‘s solar synths — and   don’t forget the sunscreen. words/ t wilcox

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  1. I caught these cats at a house show in Indianapolis earlier this spring. They were a whole heap of fun. I’m happy to see they’re getting some wider recognition. Spacey stuff!

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