date palmsCosmic American Ambient? Something like that. Shimmering like an asphalt mirage in the middle of the Mojave, Date Palms’ The Dusted Sessions is a woozy beauty, a fever dream consisting of hypnotic violin, droning tanpuras, soft Fender Rhodes, distant feedback and rock solid bass lines. Over seven extended tracks, the band cooks up some seriously slo-mo desert raga that’s as lovely as it is ominous. There’s plenty of the avant-Appalachia that Henry Flynt pioneered back in the day, as well as a bit of the heatstroke Doomericana that Earth has been riding for the past decade. A closer parallel, however, might be the desolate, neverendless groove of Miles Davis’ 1970s space jam, “He Loved Him Madly.”  If Miles had a pedal steel player in his band, that is. words/ t wilcox

MP3: Date Palms :: Yuba Reprise

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