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Soul, freakbeat, garage, r&b, rock & roll…all are the focus of Bay area crate digger, dj and musician Derek See, the man behind the long-running ode to the 45 RPM record, Derek’s Daily 45. See joined me last Friday on the SIRIUS XMU show. We turned his two hour set of vintage, rare, sixties soul into the below mixtape. All cuts sourced from his personal collection of 45s.

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Part IAD Presents :: Derek’s Daily 45  – A Mixtape (Zipped Folder 137 MB)

Doris & Kelley – You Don’t Have To Worry
The Ambassadors – Music (Makes You Want To Dance)
The Emotions – I Can’t Stand No More Heart Aches
The Webs – Give In
Lillian Dupree – Hide And Seek
Peppermint Harris – Wait Until It Happens To You
Dee Dee Sharp – What Kind Of Lady
The Isonics – Sugar
Belita Woods – Grounded
Clifford Curry – Ain’t No Danger
The Lovables – You Can’t Dress Up A Broken Heart
Anna King – Mama’s Got A Bag Of Her Own
Eddie Bo – Every Dog Got His Day
Chuck Carbo – Can I Be Your Squeeze
Betty LaVette – I Feel Good All Over
The Exciters – Blowing Up My Mind!
Ozz And His Sperlings- Can You Qualify
The Debonairs – Please Come Back Baby
Jo Ann Garett – A Whole New Plan
Otis Rush – Homework
Rose Batiste – I Miss My Baby
Freddie Scott – I’ll Be Gone
Tony Galla And The Rising Sons – In Love
Bobby Parker – Watch Your Step

Part IIAD Presents :: Derek’s Daily 45  – A Mixtape (Zipped Folder 121 MB)

Lucille Mathis – I’m Not Your Regular Woman
The Apollas – You’re Absolutely Right
Irene And The Scotts – I’m Stuck On My Baby
The Sapphires – The Slow Fizz
Sugarpie Desanto – The Slow Fizz
The Fuller Brothers – Stranger At My Door
Jan Bradley – Its Just Your Way
Bobby Reed – The Time Is Right For Love
The Love Potion – This Love
El Anthony – We’ve Been In Love Too Long
Lonnie Lester – You Can’t Go
The Performers – I Can’t Stop You
Lezi Valentine – I Won’t Do Anything
Brothers of Soul – I’d Be Grateful
Sheryl Swope – Run To Me
Willie Tee – First Taste of Hurt
The Dells – Run For Cover
Colette Kelly – City of Fools
Pookie Hudson – This Gets To Me
Tony Clarke – (They Call Me A) Wrong Man
The Endless Pulse – Ghost Man
Mary De Loach – Move This Thing (Part 1)

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23 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Derek’s Daily 45 – A Mixtape”

  1. Superb! What a set. Keep The Faith.

  2. What a set! Superb. Keep The Faith.

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  4. mucho obliged

  5. outstanding

  6. I’d pay good money for this comp. The fact that I can get such good music for free makes me very happy.

  7. Ive been a big fan of DD45 for a while… best way to start your day! Glad to see you cats joining forces to bring the music to the people!

  8. Derek is The Man, a Bay Area treasure.


  9. Single best post from AD. Period.

  10. awesome – a new mixtape! am super excited (downloading right now) – keep up the outstanding work here plz°

  11. WOW! Y’all are too kind. So glad you enjoyed the show and thanks for your kind words. Thanks to the good folks at AD, stay tuned for future installments.

  12. permission denied… bummed I missed this.

  13. The mediafire link is down! This is the saddest day of my life.

  14. @harry / dan w – should work now

  15. Now it works! Happiest day!

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  17. Amazing mixtape !!! Thanks for all Derek… Cheers from France !!

  18. part II is down!!

  19. Arrrrgghhhh. Dang it. Part 1 is epic!
    I was sleepin and now part 2 is denied.
    I suppose I should look at this like a glass half full type of thing.

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  21. Thank you Derek for enriching my musical journey!

  22. can you reup Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Derek’s Daily 45 – A Mixtape part 1?

  23. Listening to DD Pt II as we speak, thank you it’s wonderful! Part I – AD Presents :: Derek’s Daily 45 – A Mixtape (Zipped Folder 137 MB) is no longer a downloadable link. Any chance for a re-up? Thank you kindly!
    Brooklyn, NY

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