In 1964, Sandi Rouse, Gabe Lapano and the rest of the Accents entered Gold Star Studio in Los Angeles at the request of a local label, Commerce Records. Unsupervised and lacking any considerable recording experience, the young rulers of the San Diego music scene set out to cut their first single. The result was “Better Watch Out Boy,” an enchanting number that soon became a slow dance standard in Southern California. Draped in reverb, young Sandi’s vocals float along a steady rhythm and Lapano’s suave Wurlitzer like balloons into the rafters of a high school gymnasium. The track charted on regional and national radio, and Sandi & the Accents went on to sell out public dances around Southern California and perform on television programs such as the Lloyd Thaxton show, before parting ways in the summer of 1966. So drop the needle on this little-known classic and unwind as the stage lights cast silhouettes on the hardwood, the smell of perfume and pomade drawing you into the mix. words/ j steele

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  2. Beautiful. I love these old blue-eyed soul standards. Haunting melodies like this one are reminiscent of that old Little Ann song, “Deep Shadows”. Very few artists make’em like this anymore.

  3. just perfect guys!!! thank you!

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