Beatles drummer Ringo Starr lets another group do the perfor

The cult of personality that was/is The Beatles. Fan or not, there is no denying they changed everything, musically and beyond. Right place, right time, they acted as (initially anyways) enthusiastic agents of change. And then reluctantly. While there (obviously) is no shortage of on-the-nose Beatles inspired music out there, I’ve long been fascinated by the songs about the band. And there are many — the good, the bad, and in many cases, the truly bizarre. Here are a few favorites: The Motions’ surf ode to Ringo, “Beatle Drums”, The Fondettes’ mash note, “The Beatles Are In Town”, and Japanese trio The Pebbles’ “We Love The Beatles”. Hit us up with your favorites, below.

MP3: The Motions :: Beatle Drums
MP3: The Fondettes :: The Beatles Are In Town
MP3: The Pebbles :: We Love The Beatles

8 Responses to “Motions :: Beatle Drums / Fondettes :: The Beatles Are In Town”

  1. […] Motions :: Beatle Drums / Fondettes :: The Beatles Are In Town […]

  2. “Ringo, I Love You” by Bonnie Jo Mason (also known as Cher, pre-fame).

  3. How about Tall Dwarfs – “Meet the Beatle”?

  4. Wasn’t just about the Beatles but my favourite Beatles inspired number has long been “1977” by the Clash.

  5. so beautiful post thank you….
    amazing listening

  6. Agreed with Beer N Hockey loved 1977 by the Clash!

  7. House of Love: “The Beatles and the Stones”

  8. A playlist of Beatlemania in Spotify

    Bizarre, indeed.

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