Chance :: In Search Of (Reissue, 1980)

PoB-07This exceedingly rare 1980 LP (now reissued by Paradise of Bachelors) kicks off with the sound of a plane lifting off into the skies above Nashville. An apropos start to what must be one of the most wondrously strange records to ever emerge out of Music City, USA. Chance Martin, the mad genius behind In Search Of, spent several years as Johnny Cash’s right-hand man, but God only knows what the Man In Black thought of this mutant hybrid of outlaw country, gonzo psychedelia, coked out funk and soulful slo-jams. We could spend days trying to slot it into a convenient category, but let’s just agree to call it totally fucking unclassifiable, a universe of its own. In the liners (which are worth the price of admission alone), Chance himself reveals the album’s secret ingredients: “Mud, blood and beer!” You’re gonna love it. words/ t wilcox

MP3: The Chance :: Mr. Freedom Man

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  1. Hmm, I like this, the first thing that came to mind was Cult of Youth, maybe he was an influence on their sound.

  2. Thanks for this! The stoned out country “Exile on Main Street.” Shades of just about everything, even Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band.

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