Good news for those with 6th generation super lo-fi vinyl rips. Now Again Records is set to digitally reissue (for the first time) Kaleidoscope’s lone self-titled LP. Release notes via the label: “one of our favorite garage-psych records of all time – the self titled, and only, record by the Puerto Rican band Kaleidoscope, who recorded their album in the Dominican Republic and saw it issued in a promotional run of two-hundred copies on Mexico’s Orfeon label. The German reissue label Shadoks licensed the album through the band’s leader, guitarist and vocalist Frank Tirado, and issued it on CD and LP. We approached Frank and got the rights to license Kaleidoscope’s impossible to imitate music on both master and publishing sides – and, at the urging of Shadoks Thomas Hartlage, have made it available for digital purchase for the first time ever.” Find it, here.

MP3: Kaleidoscope :: Let Me Try

3 Responses to “Kaleidoscope :: S/T Digital Reissue (Now Again Records)”

  1. ok never heard before Kaleidoscope’s lone self-titled LP
    amazing song guys!!!
    thanks again 🙂

  2. Kaleidoscope must have been a pretty popular name in the psych scene in the 60s. I know of three and they’re all solid. I’m sure they’re more I haven’t heard.

  3. Check out the English band of the same name, you’ll be glad that you did..!

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