Danny Paul Grody :: Between Two Worlds

danny paul grodyMulti-instrumentalist Danny Paul Grody first came to my attention amidst the solo acoustic reveries of last year’s Imaginational Anthem comp. Grody’s “Lookout Point” stood out from the rest thanks to the gentle feedback drones and resonant piano chords that hovered over a gorgeous guitar line. Grody’s new Between Two Worlds, on the ever-excellent Three Lobed Records, continues in this vein — it’s almost as if Brian Eno had cut an LP for John Fahey’s Takoma Records sometime back in the mid-70s. Grody has a knack for building totally enveloping soundscapes out of simple materials; he’s not a flashy player by any means. But the results are positively hypnotic, from the dreamy 12-string opener, “Lonesome George,” to the massive, Music For Airports-esque “Still Night,” which slowly climbs a stairway to celestial heights. Between Two Worlds is a subtle stunner through and through, a meditative masterpiece. words/ t wilcox

MP3: Danny Paul Grody :: Grass Nap

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  1. Just went and pre ordered this album based on your description alone. Though these are some spectacular tunes.

  2. Danny was a longtime member of Tarentel, an alltime great post rock band from san francisco.

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