Drive-By Truckers :: Alabama Ass Whuppin’ (Reissued)

alabama ass whuppin

Back in print, courtesy of ATO Records: Alabama Ass Whuppin’ – Drive-By Truckers third LP, a live album recorded between March 1999 through August of 2000. This is the sound of DBT as I knew them, live, gigging around the southeast prior to the release of Southern Rock Opera. A furious, driving, twelve track snapshot of the band, it’s an era Patterson Hood now reflects on as “a period in time that I wouldn’t go back to for all the money in the world, but I’m proud of the shows that we played and the songs that we wrote.” Remastered with new artwork by Wes Freed, the reissue, out September 10th, also marks the album’s first release on vinyl.

6 thoughts on “Drive-By Truckers :: Alabama Ass Whuppin’ (Reissued)

  1. The remastering makes this sucker sing! Absolutely fantastic snapshot of a young band on fire. Get the vinyl if you roll that way, you will not regret it!

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