Dolly Parton: Jolene / Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love (The Slow Versions)


Honky-tonk-molasses.  If by some slim chance you happened to miss this curio making the rounds last week, enjoy. 45 rpm recording of Dolly Parton’s  “Jolene” slowed down by 25% at 33 rpm. Similar effect to the  slowwwed down version of Wanda Jackson’s “Funnel of Love“, from a couple of years back, re-upped below.

Dolly Parton :: Jolene (slow)
Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love (slow)

10 thoughts on “Dolly Parton: Jolene / Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love (The Slow Versions)

  1. interesting to hear, but isn’t there something about these versions that just makes them generic? dolly’s and wanda’s pitches added a texture that didn’t exist in music before they came along. it’s sort of sad to remove those unique attributes and turn it into basically what sounds like just another man voice. saddens me anyone would prefer these to their intended speeds.

  2. Hey, you guys should try this shit with a 45 of the Ventures’ “Walk Don’t Run ’64” at 33 speed. It’s boss!

  3. I’ve accidentally done the opposite of this with ‘Tears of Rage’ by The Band, with interesting results. I forgot to switch back to 33rpm after tossing on Music From Big Pink so it started at 45rpm. It makes the song sound like a killer soul tune, unfortunately Richard Manuals voice doesn’t quite sound right at the sped up pitch, but still sounds cool.

  4. I have a version of Them’s “Gloria” slowed down to 33rpm which sounds like some gloriously demented blues gospel song right out of the Delta. Definitely recommend checking that one out if you can find it.

  5. Back in the 80s, a fine musician named Ray Bushbaum turned me on to a soulful recording of “Here I Go Again” that spindled a lot like Ray Charles. It was Miss Dolly’s single, of course at 33 1/3.


  6. Nah, this is weak. The track just drags like a sled through sludge. It sounds like a really bad producer got hold of it. The original was recorded the way it was for a damned good reason- it sounds far better. As Keith Richards said, one thing you can’t fix is a track that doesn’t fucking move.

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