Ruby The Rabbitfoot :: Coffee & Honey

Sometimes pain brings out the best in people. Such is the case with “Coffee & Honey” from Athens, Georgia newcomer Ruby Kendrick aka Ruby the Rabbitfoot. Worn down by the strain of producing a new full-length record, juggling two jobs, and dealing with a significant other living across the Atlantic, the young songwriter sought therapy in the way of home recording. Though Ruby is known around town for quick witted folk songs, this jaw-dropping cut finds her exploring overgrown R&B similar to that of onetime Athenian Phosphorescent’s “How Far We All Come Away.” It’s as if she set up her rig in the spiderwebs on the front porch and cast her burden onto the night, in turn discovering a world somewhere between “Nothing Compares 2 U” and “Awful Bliss.”    Listen and see the headlights of the cars backed up on Barber Street. Doors ajar. Drivers and passengers fighting through the kudzu to help that aching Soul. words/ j steele

Ruby The Rabbitfoot   :: Coffee & Honey

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