Aquarium Drunkard x Cold Splinters: Indian Summer – A Mixtape


Earlier this month Cold Splinters shared Indian Summer, a transitional/seasonal mix I put together for their ongoing Trail Mix series. As I’ve noted here in the past, if you like to get outside, Cold Splinters, helmed by Jeff Thrope, is both an essential and inspiring read. Thrope’s also one of the few people who truly appreciates the fact I own volumes 1-6 of the Foxfire books. And if you caught that reference, you may be from Georgia.

40 minutes as the summer burns off into fall. Play it at night with the windows down….

Steve Gunn – Water Wheel
Phil Cook – The Jensens
Yo La Tengo – Leaving Home
PERRO – Walking In The Mountains
Richard & Linda Thompson – Calvary Cross
Phosphorescent – Can I Sleep In Your Arms (Willie Nelson)
John Martyn – Over The Hill
Peter Howe – I’m Alive
David Crosby – Orleans
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Matt Sweeney – My Home Is The Sea
Bill Wilson – Ballad of Cody

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15 thoughts on “Aquarium Drunkard x Cold Splinters: Indian Summer – A Mixtape

  1. You never disappoint, I’m LOVING this right now.
    P.S. Long live Foxfire!! (✿◠‿◠)

  2. I just spent a meditative hour with this in a house, vacated by my lovely wife and two young kids, with the windows open, sipping a bourbon and thinking about everything and nothing. Thank you for that. Awesome.

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