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I rarely do giveaways…but couldn’t pass this one up. Out this month via Genesis Publications: Transformer – a photo book documenting photographer Mick Rock‘s 40 year friendship with Lou Reed. From album covers to the candid. Their work is presented within a full leather bound tome, housed in a case that also encloses a 7″ vinyl record. Further details via the book’s promo video, here. We’re giving away copies of the 7″ to AD readers. To enter, leave a comment stating your favorite (solo) Lou Reed record – and to make it interesting, let’s exclude Transformer from the running. Winners notified via email, Friday.

134 Responses to “Lou Reed / Mick Rock :: Transformer Photo Book / 7″ Giveaway”

  1. New effing York.

  2. The Germanic Queen in me has to go with Berlin.

  3. I’m in the New York camp. The characters he illustrates on that album are pure rock n’ roll.

  4. I was in love with the New York album, it was my intro to all things Lou and the Velvets. A good friend of mine at the time had given me a total Lou submersion, taking me through his many recordings (solo and Velvets). We went to see him in Kansas City, KS. It was a revelation hearing the music come alive in that old concert hall, and we were lucky to experience Maureen “Moe” Tucker on her booming kettle drum. Outside the venue was a Potawatomi graveyard, which added to the “sacred” feeling that enveloped me at the time. There are so many crisp details that come back to me now thinking back. Lou is an inspiration in his writing, performance, and overall presence in the culture.

  5. gotta go with berlin

  6. Denying me the chance to express my complete love for the gothic and glammy doo-wop contained within Transformer is pretty F’d up man!

    Take No Prisoners – Live, because it’s the next best thing to jumping into a time machine and seeing that rambling shambling beautiful beast in his natural habitat. You can smell the smoke, and alcohol, and the backup singers sound so damn sexy.

  7. Coney Island Baby
    “Man I swear I’d give it all up for you”

  8. Coney Island Baby is one of my favorite records ever. It always makes me feel good everytime I listen to it. The last lines on the record always makes me emotional.

  9. Magic and Loss. Totally underated. Some of the best writing of Lou’s career, a deeply moving reflection on mortality from a man who sounds like he has seen everything.

  10. The Blue Mask – terrifying rock’n’roll, with otherworldly guitar work by the great Robert Quine.

  11. I’m going to go with Berlin for this one!

  12. New York, classic songs, classic Lou!

  13. Perfect Night Live In London…fresh interpretations…and that wonderful tone (both Lou’s voice and the incredible guitar tone)…Lou reinvents himself yet again…I never tire of it…each of his records are my favorite Lou Reed record.

  14. Coney Island Baby

  15. It’s a toss up between Blue Mask and Street Hassle – BLue Mask takes it by a nose!

  16. Magic and Loss. Harry’s Circumcision may be the most heartbreaking song ever.

  17. Coney Island Baby on Coney Island Baby

  18. The Blue Mask definitely

  19. Coney Island Baby –
    Ahhh, but remember that the city is a funny place
    Something like a circus or a sewer
    And just remember different people have peculiar tastes

    Sums up NYC fairly well

  20. Berlin

  21. OK, it seems nobody else has the balls to peer this deeply; it’s Growing Up In Public, because the music contained within is just so clearly burnt and bleakly fried in so many ways that it exists as the perfect match with the sallow, sagging, deeply-creased and utterly resigned face that taunts/pleads with you on the sleeve.
    You KNOW, this time, that you’re not being lied to.

  22. Coney Island Baby!

  23. Rock n Roll Heart… It is dumb and Smart

  24. street hassle. title track is ‘the boss.’ also…’i wanna be black.’

  25. It’s got to be BERLIN. What else?

  26. So hard to choose … but I’ll go with Berlin.

  27. Lulu. I meant to say Lulu.

  28. THE BLUE MASK!!!!

    rock and roll animal is great, but i don’t know if it technically counts… haha

  29. I have to say Berlin. Been listening to Caroline Says II all evening after hearing the news.

  30. I think TRANSFORMER is the ultimate album for me. I also think that GROWIN UP IN PUBLIC and NEW SENSATIONS are brilliant albums ,full of great lyrics enhanced by strong melodies and catchy hooks, Lou vocally at his best

  31. The Blue Mask, no doubt about it, my favourite Lou Reed solo album including Transformer! Waves of Fear and the title track are the most powerful songs he’s recorded since the VU.

  32. Rock’n’roll Animal!
    I’ve been playing the A-side loud for over 33 years on every single first day of a holiday.

  33. Coney Island Baby

    “you believe it or not I wanted to play football for the coach”

    I nevere believed it, Lou

  34. Metal Machine Music @ 16 rpm…it still hasn’t finished playing!

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