The Men :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

The Men rarely subjugate themselves to any neat genre filing system, essentially daring record store clerks to stock an acoustic record, entitled Campfire Songs, in punk bins. And while no one will actually fight over where the band's varied output should sit, there's two things that are becoming increasingly clear concerning the (present) quintet. First - how technically gifted and precise they can be, and secondly, how incredibly well they play when they toss those gifts and chops out the window and just rip. With Campfire Songs, that ripping proves to not only be of the turnt-up amp variety. Enter Kevin Faulkner, who brought pedal steel, and then much more, to the New Moon  sessions that birthed this month's acoustic EP.

We caught up with Faulkner last month to discuss how the band's live sound is evolving, and the ever-evolving expectations - or lack thereof - for The Men. For those of you reading in Los Angeles, the band gigs at The Echo on October 10th.

The Men :: I Saw Her Face (acoustic)

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