Dead Notes #5 :: That’s It For The Other One (9/2/68 Seattle, WA)

Welcome to the fifth installment of Dead Notes where once again we find ourselves in the great Northwest, at the Sky River Rock Festival, on the outskirts of Seattle in Sultan, WA. Oddly enough the inspiration for this festival goes back to May 1968, at the annual Duvall Piano Drop, where Country Joe & The Fish played to an enthusiastic crowd of 3,000 after a piano dropped from a helicopter into a rural pasture. With a crash of wood, keys and strings, Paul Dorpat, of Seattle's historic underground newspaper Helix, began assembling a who's who of psychedelic West Coast musicians for the three day festival. The short list included the Flamin' Groovies, Santana, John Fahey, Kaleidoscope and our heroes of the "thick air" - the Grateful Dead...who showed up unannounced to perform on the festival's final day.

Grateful Dead :: That's It For The Other One

"That's It For The Other One" made its live debut in late 1967, prior to being reworked during the Anthem of the Sun sessions that yielded the Bob Weir beatnik Alice in Wonderland tale as we know it today. According to band lore the lyrics detail the persecution of the band's benefactor (and notorious acid king) Owsley Stanley, aka the Bear, who at the time was serving a three year sentence for possession of 350,000 doses of LSD.

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