Trick or treat. Another 32 vintage spookers from the Grey Haas spanning 1958-1977. Download/tracklisting after the jump. For more undead, last year’s Halloween mixtape is still available, here, as well as volume seven, volume six and volume five.

Download: Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Trick Or Treat, Volume 9 (A Halloween Mixtape)

01. Munster Creep – The Munsters (1964)
02. Cementerio – Los Saicos (1965)
03. The Guillotine – The Executioners (1965)
04. Deep Sleep – Chance Halladay (1959)
05. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – The Crossfires (1963)
06. Vampire – The Crystals (1960)
07. Jeckyll & Hyde – Jim Burgett (1961)
08. The Bug – Leonard Johnson (1959)
09. Jungle Beat – The Del-Rays (1964)
10. The Chiller – Vic Plati Quintet (1965)
11. Beware – Bill Buchanan (1962)
12. Roland – Billy Duke & the Dukes (1958)
13. The Midnite Creeper (Part 1) – Johnny Otic (1956)
14. Opening The Coffin – Count Baltes & The Egors (1973)
15. King Of The Bun-Ga-Loos – The Splinters (1962)
16. It’s Your Voodoo Working – Charles Sheffield (1961)
17. House On Haunted Hill – Kenny and The Fiends (1963)
18. The Day I Died – Scott Garrett (1958)
19. House On Haunted Hill – Frank De Vol (1959)
20. Igor’s Theme – The Challengers (1966)
21. Voodoo Kiss – Don Sargent and The Buddies (1959)
22. Exploration In Terror – The Ventures (1963)
23. Voo Doo Juice – The Ghouls (1964)
24. Twisting Off A Cliff – Duane Eddy (1962)
25. The Zombie Stomp – Danny Ware (1964)
26. Surf Rat – The Satan’s (1963)
27. The Boogie Man – The Cadillacs (1960)
28. Phantom Guitar – The Phantoms (1961)
29. The Spook – Pete Drake (1964)
30. Night of the Werewolf – Lee Kristofferson (1977)
31. Jam At The Mortuary – Griz Green (?)
32. Forbidden Feelings – Guest Villains

31 Responses to “Trick Or Treat, Volume 9 (A Vintage Halloween Mixtape)”

  1. thanks! love these mixes. would be interested in vol 1-4 if they’re available.

  2. I second the Volumes 1-4 request. Any heroes out there?

  3. FYI the data is corrupted…

  4. love these thematic comps. thanks for the work in putting them together. unfortunately v. 8 is no longer available . . . i second the above and would love to see 1-4 and 8 re-upped . . . thanks again

  5. @Theo, you may not have d/l’ed it successfully because it came through just fine for me

  6. Thank you! Volumes 1-4 would be great too if you can find them.

  7. Data corrupted?….. Not for me it wasn’t. Perhaps another attempt is in order. My grandchildren are going to love this. 😉

  8. No Words!!!

  9. Repeat All
    NON-STOP Listening AD..thanks again!!!!

  10. this rules!

  11. Worked this time. Mac must have been haunted yesterday.

  12. Always greatly appreciated.

  13. Really nice stuff- my zip was missing #24

    Also, as I already have volumes 5+, I’d love to see 1-4 as well

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  15. @Theo

    Seems to be a ghost in my Mac machine as well. The Duane Eddy tune seems to have evaded me.

  16. Every year this makes my year!

  17. Me tooooooo! No #24 (Duane Eddy)

  18. Yes. Great way to get in the fall spirit.

  19. […] Download: Trick Or Treat Volume 9 –  A Vintage Halloween Mixtape […]

  20. It’s like having the Halloween show on hand at all times. Can’t thank you enough. PS – I’m getting my friends into these songs. Now they bust out in song with “Salem Witch Trial” and “Do the Devil Dance” 🙂

  21. Thanks for the inspired mix of old rockabilly, doo-wop and garage rock. Throughout the years, I have used several of these songs for my own mixes. I have recently posted my latest Halloween mix on Eclectic Grooves. While in previous years, I have peppered my Halloween mixes with campy movie trailers and fun songs, this year’s mix is almost 100% scary. I hope that you and your readers enjoy it.

  22. Thankx a lot … But the nr 24 (Twisting Off A Cliff of Duane Eddy) is missing in the zip file ??? Should it be available again ?

  23. […] year, one of the best music sites on the web: Aquarium Drunkard posts one of these fantastic Halloween compilations (for free)!  This years model is just as creepy and junky as before.  Ignoring the standard monster-music […]

  24. These are my favorite. Thanks!

  25. […] Trick Or Treat, Volume 9 (A Vintage Halloween Mixtape) […]

  26. Please upload volumes 1-4. Would love to have the whole set playing on the upcoming rainy halloween.

  27. […] Download: Trick Or Treat Volume 9 –  A Vintage Halloween Mixtape […]

  28. Nice one! Many thanks for putting this one up. Hits the spot…

  29. i agree, are vol1-4 lost to the sands of time?

  30. i check back here every year hoping for more or the early installments but alas….

  31. Any chance that these will be re-upped for Halloween this year?

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