Derek’s Daily 45 II: A Mixtape / Psych, Freakbeat, Garage – 1966-68


We’re back with Bay area crate digger, dj and musician, Derek See – the man behind the long-running ode to the 45 RPM record, Derek’s Daily 45.  Psychedelia, garage, freakbeat, acid rock – call it what you will; it’s the music of young people in an era of chemical experimentation and social exploration. Most of the tracks presented here were recorded between 1966-68, a few earlier, a few later. All cuts sourced from See’s personal collection of 45s.

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Derek’s Daily 45 II: A Mixtape / Psych, Freakbeat, Garage 1966-68 (Part   1)

Derek’s Daily 45 II: A Mixtape / Psych, Freakbeat, Garage 1966-68 (Part   2)

The Accent – Red Sky At Night
The Five Americans – Don’t Blame Me
The Galaxies IV – Don’t Lose Your Mind
The Hard Times – They Said No
The Rationals – Feelin’ Lost
Beverley – Where The Good Times Are
The Stained Glass – A Scene In Between
The Pride & Joy – If You’re Ready
Larry & The Blue Notes – Night Of The Phantom
The Kollektion – Savage Lost
The Open Mind – Magic Potion
Sons Of Adam – Feathered Fish
The All Night Workers – Why Don’t You Smile Now
The End – Shades Of Orange
Morgen – Of Dreams
The Mark Four – I’m Leaving
The Soft Machine – Why Are We Sleeping?
Bob Seger & The Last Heard – Heavy Music
Dana Gillespie – You Just Gotta Know My Mind
Frosty – Organ Grinder’s Monkey
Cyrus Erie – Get The Message
Darwin Teoria – De La Ceca, A La Meca
Tomorrow – My White Bicycle
Skip Bifferty – On Love
The Mojo Men – She’s My Baby
Ray Columbus & The Art Collection – Kick Me
The Mickey Finn – Night Comes Down
Giant Crab – ESP
The Id – The Rake
Park Avenue Playground – The Trip
The Del-Vetts – Last TIme Around
The Craig – I Must Be Mad
The Moving Sidewalks – Need Me
John Woolley And Just Born – You’re Lying
Sharon Tandy – Hold On
The Light – Back Up
The Collectors – Make It Easy
Cuby + The Blizzards – Your Body Not Your Soul
The Attack – Any More Than I Do
The Misunderstood – Children Of The Sun
The Koobas – Face
The Colosseum – The Kettle
Dirty Wurds – Why

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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing all of this, Derek, but I especially wanted to thank you for posting two of my all-time favorites…the Five Americans track is a killer and, being an Ann Arbor guy, I have a soft spot for Scott Morgan and the Rationals. This is my favorite record of theirs, too often overlooked on the flipside of their almost-hit cover of “Respect”
    Much obliged…

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