The B-52’s 1979 debut album ushered in a practically fully formed sound/band. No one else was doing this…whatever ‘this’ was. It’s also one of my all-time favorite debuts of any band/genre. Captured live in Atlanta in 1978, these clips find the group at their most primal. The set is chopped up (spliced into songs), all of it worth checking out via Youtube. Here’s “Rock Lobster” – and be sure to stick around for the five minute mark. Shit goes off.

The ’embed’ function is disabled, so visit here to view. . .

One Response to “The B-52’s :: The Downtown Cafe – Sept 2, 1978 / Atlanta, GA”

  1. Awesome stuff. Anyone who only knows “Love Shack” would be surprised by how punk rock their debut is. The guitar playing is phenomenal.

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