Diane Coffee :: My Friend Fish

Diane Coffee is tormented, liberated, terrified and triumphant. More altered attitude than alternate persona, Coffee is Shaun Fleming’s creation, a life crafted in tight, varied snapshots. Saturated with swagger and fanciful fits, My Friend Fish  whirls both emotionally and musically, steadied only by bravado, where even sadness is boldly pleaded.

An overlooked touchstone in the parade of critically appointed influencers for Fleming and his other group, Foxygen, is that of Beck - the gangly and stretched 21st-Century-bluesman by-way-of slacker-prophet. As such, Fish  shows flashes of  Odelay, Mutations,  Midnite Vultures  and  Sea Change. "All The Young Girls," Fleming's iteration on the Princely tenderness of Midnite Vultures' closer  "Debra," is particularly demonstrative of the sleazy steeze that seeps from both records. Whereas “Hymn” and “Tale of a Dead Dog,” are the bombastic, airy, folksier singles from a record that otherwise features a heavy dose of vibed-out R&B and vibed-out Punk.

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