7 thoughts on “AD Presents: Scout Niblett — Berlin, Germany / November 8th

  1. Hi there,
    I’m a AD reader since years, I even saw the AD new years eve show in Silver Lake in 2010 where The Henry Clay People and Les Blanks played an amazing encore of Bowie and Petty covers. Want to see this in Berlin! Good to have you in my city with Scout Niblett.

  2. Hey hey AD, love this blog and Scout Niblett almost as much 🙂 just got to Berlin and it would make me oh so happy to see them live!

  3. heya! you guys are here in berlin? I just found out now! And privat club is in the same building as our publishing house! Come get a drink and then we’ll go to the show!

  4. I’m headed to there in an hour, pretty thrilled that I made it to Berlin in time to see Scout, after just missing her a couple times in the US. Also, wish I’d seen this post earlier. Way to go AD, presenting one of my very favorites!

  5. I was wondering, are there any other Berlin shows that AD will be presenting/supporting/attending?

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