The Necks :: Open

the-necks-openWith a sound that calls to mind the becalmed atmospheres of Miles Davis’ In A Silent Way and Eno’s Music For Airports, The Necks have been providing captivating listening experiences for more than two decades now. The Australian trio’s latest, Open, doesn’t stray from the path — and the world is a better place for it.

Consisting of one unbroken, 68-minute improvisation, this is a deeply immersive record that highlights The Necks’ often-unbelievable instrumental interplay and melodic sensitivity. These guys are basically one body with 12 limbs to work with, following the music with an ease that belies the concentration and stamina its creation requires. Even though the playing is often delicate and subtle, don’t mistake it for background music. On Open, the light brushing of a high hat, the vibration of a bass string against a fretboard, and a simple two-chord keyboard motif are as powerful as the heaviest power chord. Open up and bliss out. words/ t wilcox

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