Jorma Kaukonen :: Genesis


I’ve been reimmersed in Jorma Kaukonen’s 1974 Quah lp the past couple of months, as “Genesis” was originally slated for inclusion on the Indian Summer mix I put together for Cold Splinters. And while the track ended up on the cutting room floor, the record has increasingly acted as life’s de facto soundtrack.

It’s presently 86 degrees here in Los Angeles, and the title of the mix appears more prescient than ever.

Jorma Kaukonen :: Genesis

9 thoughts on “Jorma Kaukonen :: Genesis

  1. All-time fave. I had this on a mixtape I sent to my brother in ’83 or ’84 when he was doing the instructor’s course at NOLS (recently featured at Cold Splinters). I saw Jorma in ’94 but he didn’t play this. The CD has more Tom Hobson than the LP did.

  2. The first time I heard this, my throat seized up when the strings made their entrance, and it maintains its evocative power nearly 40 years down the line. And Jack Casady produced?!

  3. This is one of my favorite albums. Jorma’s solo electric music tends to be dull (to me). His acoustic work here is amazing. This and the Hot Tuna first album remain some of my favorite music to hear.

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