porcelain raft

Lagniappe (la·gniappe) noun ˈlan-ˌyap,’ – 1. An extra or unexpected gift or benefit. 2. Something given or obtained as a gratuity or bonus.

Porcelain Raft is Mauro Remiddi. Based in New York, the Italian ex-pat released his second LP, Permanent Signal, in June via Secretly Canadian. Regarding the atmosphere of this week’s session, Remiddi, in his own words, after the jump…

I asked few friends to come around one night, we stood around the piano, few bottle of wine and two mics to record every thing live. I wanted to create a sort of sing-a-long, no production at all, just a bunch of Fonzies having a great time. I’d like to thank Chris Puidokas, Liam Finn, Darby Cicci and Faten Kanaan for been part of it. The eye of the tiger, man…

Porcelain Raft :: Isnt It A Pity (George Harrison)
Porcelain Raft :: Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)

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  1. love this

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