these trails

It’s been 40 years since These Trails was privately pressed in Hawaii, and two years since Drag City reissued the previously forgotten LP. A lush tapestry of native Hawaiian folk and kaleidoscopic, synthesizer-laden psych, These Trails blends sincere island homage with ’70s psychedelia.

Margaret Morgan’s cool, dreamy vocals — sometimes playful, sometimes brooding — carry the album’s meditations on nature and existence. The album highlight is the closer, “Garden Botanium.” A synthesizer cascades and shimmers tranquilly alongside an acoustic guitar. The observations read microscopic, but they resonate cosmic. words/ c depasquale

These Trails :: Garden Botanum

2 Responses to “These Trails :: Garden Botanum”

  1. my, my, but if that one didn’t take me back…

  2. Gah, never stop reminding us of this album. Truly the best.

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