Wooden Wand & The World War IV

wooden wand

The sheer sprawl of James Jackson Toth’s discography — usually released under some iteration of the Wooden Wand moniker — can be intimidating. Where to begin? I humbly submit that this latest release is a perfect introduction to the wonders of the Wand. Seven tracks fueled by minor key melodies, Crazy Horse distortion and lovely male/female harmonies, it’s one of the more powerful rock records of 2013. Toth’s band here is on point throughout, loose and spacey one moment, clattering and tense at the next. And while an album that kicks off with the doomy lyrics “Someday this baby will cease to exist” inevitably has a dark world view, Wooden Wand & The World War IV   is packed with beautiful moments, too — dig the swoon-worthy “Complaint Dept” or the slow, cinematic sweep of “Our Father The Monster.” And the darkness is tempered by a wry, gallows humor as well, closing things out with the wickedly funny rant, “McDonald’s On The Moon.” Now’s the time to fall under Wooden Wand’s spell. words/ t wilcox

Wooden Wand :: Directions To Debbie Harry’s House

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  1. Longtime reader, first time commenter . . . not only is this album great hypnotic psych-Americana but the the two before this one – Briarwood and Blood Oaths make for as solid of a trio albums . . . the man writes honest, haunting, american songs that will rattle around in your brain long after you’ve stopped listening . Hearing them fleshed out with this band ads a welcomed new depth.
    Already looking forward to the next album.

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