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If the death of Phil Everly has reminded us of anything, it’s that there’s nothing quite like an Everly Brothers recording. Noble attempts at capturing the magic, such as Bonnie Prince Billy and Dawn McCarthy’s recent Everly LP (or even the Norah Jones/Billy Joe album), are fine and good, but they usually just send me back to the original recordings. There’s one Everly cover that I love unreservedly, however: Sandy Denny and Linda Thompson’s gorgeous, knee-weakening reading of “When Will I Be Loved,” which originally appeared on 1972’s Rock On, the lone LP from Britfolk supergroup The Bunch. I believe it’s the only instance of these two sublime vocalists together, but it’s certainly enough to wish that they had laid down an entire album’s worth of bittersweet duets. words/ t wilcox

Sandy Denny & Linda Thompson :: When Will I Be Loved

2 Responses to “Sandy Denny & Linda Thompson :: When Will I Be Loved (Everly Brothers)”

  1. absolutely,i went back to all their originals,
    better than ever, try, “crying in the rain”

  2. Two wonderful singers, but I have to say I find this version a little too gentle and anemic. It almost starts to get some spirit on the beginning of the second verse, and then they reign it in again. It’s not enough of the complaint it should be.

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