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Our compadre Zach Cowie, aka Turquoise Wisdom, returns to AD with some mellow sounds to begin 2014. Last year Cowie posted a tune every weekday from his record collection — all of which can be found and downloaded at Play It As It Lathes. Cowie guests on the Aquarium Drunkard show, this Friday, on SIRIUS XMU.

Dig in to Angels In The Abstract, after the jump, and keep up with Cowie, here: @turquoisewisdom.

Turquoise Wisdom: Angels In The Abstract / A Mixtape

Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk – Otherness – Fontana*
Olivia Newton John – Love Song – If Not For You – Uni
Lucio Battisti – To Feel In Love – Images – Rca
Parsley Sound – Ease Yourself And Glide – 10″ – Mowax (thank You Andy Cabic)
The Durutti Column – Otis – Vini Reilly – Factory
Kate Bush – Watching You Without Me – Hounds Of Love – EMI
Four Tet – Your Body Feels – Beautiful Rewind – Text
John Martyn – Go Down Easy – Solid Air – Island
Paul Buchanan – Mid Air – Mid Air – Newsroom
Charles Hayward & Gigi Masin – Clouds – Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2 – Sub Rosa
Mary Margaret O’hara – Help Me Lift You Up – Miss America – Virgin
Hosono Haruomi – To The Air – Mercuric Dance – Monad
John Martyn (yup, Again) – Small Hours – One World – Island

*contains a sampled intro from ‘the War Of Art’ eBook By Steven Pressfield (thanks Chris Holmes)

artwork: courtesy of the lovely and talented jess rotter

14 Responses to “Turquoise Wisdom: Angels In The Abstract / A Mixtape”

  1. Yes!, Last years was epic!

  2. Yes! and Thanks !

  3. so nixt livel

  4. TW x AD – best combo

  5. Yep, none better than AD x TW. Can’t wait to dig in.

  6. Cheers
    So this is going to be available for download after friday, yes?

    sounds brilliant.

  7. @Biff — its avail to download right now, right click the link

  8. loving this parsley sound track

  9. i just checking this because elijah wood share this on twitter.

  10. Tight tight tight… RIP to playitasitlathes, but this mix will stop the bleeding.

  11. […] Turquoise Wisdom guests during the first hour of today’s show. To download his playlist, go HERE. […]

  12. I am very old and remember Olivia Newton John in her heyday. Who knew she had made this proto-hipster track? Is it a remix? It is funny how distinctive voices are– in spite of the unusual context, I immediately knew it was the Aussie songbird of yore (by which I mean lavender aerobic outfits.) Thanks for these great mixes– they are golden. Let’s get physical!

  13. […] album so good he still hasn’t released a follow up. Compiled by AD compatriot Zach Cowie AKA Turquoise Wisdom with LITA men Matt Sullivan and Patrick McCarthy, with notes by Jessica Hundley and art by Jess […]

  14. […] in the soundscapes of Canadian songwriter Lydia Ainsworth, whose set in the Apse theater blended Cocteau Twins-atmosphere with cinematic strings. FORM — like Arcosanti itself — is not constructed […]

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