Promotional video, for Third, upon its original 2008 release. With a near 35 minute runtime, the footage captures Portishead running through the live arrangements worked up for the Third tour. Alright, now to revisit that Beth Gibbons/Paul Webb record.

After the jump, audio (ripped from the above video) in four parts. . .

Portishead :: Third :: Live / Part 1 (2008)

Portishead :: Third :: Live / Parts 2 (2008)

Portishead :: Third :: Live / Part 3 (2008)

Portishead :: Third :: Live / Part 4 (2008)

6 Responses to “Portishead Recreate Third :: Live / Parts 1- 4 (2008)”

  1. ahhh – not sure how I missed this either. that tour was incredible. thanks for the mp3 rips, man.

  2. super cool

  3. thanks gr8

  4. Third is an amazing album. Just spectacular.

  5. Just listened to Out of Season last weekend. Perfect for a cold winter night.

  6. Thanks. Not a huge fan of Portishead, but liked Third. This makes me appreciated even more. nice work aquarium.

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