Big Star :: Mod Lang (Alternate Mix)


“Rattle my gin!” Last year’s Big Star documentary, Nothing Can Hurt Me, is now streaming over at Netflix…which I’ll use, here, as an excuse to highlight the alternate mix of “Mod Lang”, culled from disc two of Thank You Friends: The Ardent Story. I’ve written about the collection’s cumulative merits in the past, but it’s this version of “Mod Lang” that I reach for when it’s time to scratch that itch. Chilton’s ‘asides’ between the verses make it.

Big Star :: Mod Lang (Alternate Mix)

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9 thoughts on “Big Star :: Mod Lang (Alternate Mix)

  1. Thanks for writing about this and for actually playing it, which may be better than 1,000 words.
    I always thought Alex said “rattle my tin” as in rattle the tin cup which street musicians used to collect coins. I will aways think that. You guys can have your version.
    Also, imagine what a chore it was to leave out all this stuff and come up with an album mix that worked in the context of Radio City. Maybe you should link to taht too. John Fry Memphis,TN.

  2. I am beginning to see the difficulty in allowing this site to become an addiction. By the end of any given hour I am spread so damned thin across the ‘net that I cannot think straight.

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