Allen Toussaint :: Poor Boy Got To Move / Go Back Home


In 1965, Allen Toussaint recorded this 45 for the New Orleans label, Alon Records -“Poor Boy, Got to Move” b/w “Go Back Home.” Two gorgeous cuts of down-tempo soul, the tracks are apparently the first to feature Toussaint soloing on vocals. Both tracks also appear on the album Allen Toussaint Sings, with Billy Fayard and the Stokes. Despite its lyrical despair, “Poor Boy”, carries a serious strut, with the group’s backing vocals giving the tune an almost classic, barbershop feel. “Go Back Home”, however, exudes a much moodier atmosphere, putting the down in down-tempo. Here, we find our narrator reacting to the events of side A. Kicking off with elegiac horns, The Stokes wonder, “Where is the love that I miss so much/where is the warm, sweet and tender touch?”, while Toussaint declares “I’m so tired of being all alone/I guess I’ll have to go back home.” Toussaint’s piano, and voice, shine on these tracks and the man keeps an effortless cool on both sides, without once sacrificing the pathos. words / c depasquale

Allen Toussaint :: Poor Boy Got To Move
Allen Toussaint :: Go Back Home

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