Lou Reed :: Ultrasonic Recording Studio, Hempstead, NY 12/26/72


The day after Christmas, December of 1972: Lou Reed and band (The Tots) in Hempstead, NY, recording live for radio at Untrasonic Recording Studio. Recorded just a month after the  release of Transformer, the set finds Reed pulling from the new record, riffing on five Velvets tracks and the penultimate “Berlin” – the track that would title his next release six months later.

Download: Lou Reed :: Ultrasonic Recording Studio, Hempstead, NY 12/26/72 (zipped)

White Light White Heat
I’m Waiting For The Man
Walk It Talk It
Sweet Jane
Satellite of Love
Walk On the Wild Side
I’m So Free
Rock N Roll

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9 thoughts on “Lou Reed :: Ultrasonic Recording Studio, Hempstead, NY 12/26/72

  1. I used to have a boot of this show, long disappeared. Great snapshot of Lou and the band between records.

  2. I’m curious, is this the same recording used for the American Poet live album that was released about a decade ago? Or is this another performance?

  3. Miss you, Lou. Yeah, this was finally released in a different format years back. Shoddily done though, no better than the long circulated boot, found here.

  4. one letter off from being the ‘trots’ which could have been pretty effective in and of itself

  5. love the fact that ‘walk on the wild side’ had only been out for a little over a month. the crowd loved the ‘giving head’ line!

  6. What was the name of the radio announcer who interviewed Reed in the middle, just before the performance of heroin?

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