Late 70s and early 80s southern power pop. I’ve had Dwight Twilley, the dB’s, Big Star and mess of their lesser known brethren in my head, and on repeat, since the holidays. This latest binge was set off by the other side of the sugarcane, the bittersweet dB’s ballad, “Moving in Your Sleep.” Whereas Big Star had the yin and yang of Chilton and Bell, the dB’s had Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple. Culled from the NC group’s debut long-player, Stands for Decibels, and penned by Holsapple, “Sleep” closes Decibels thirty four minute runtime. A stylistic outlier within the album’s framework, the track serves as a meditative, reflective, breath. Like a Badfinger demo sung by Elvis Costello at his most restrained.

The dB’s :: Moving in Your Sleep

6 Responses to “The dB’s :: Moving in Your Sleep (1981)”

  1. gr8song thanks AD…

  2. fan of all dBs, but this one is special

  3. Fantastic…had this on a cassette during the summer of 82…

  4. Great band, great song. If you’re in the power-pop mood, 20/20’s self-titled album from 1979 hits all the right notes. For some reason they haven’t been canonized like other power pop bands like the Plimsouls, Paul Collins Beat etc, but that first record is one of the great power pop albums ever.

  5. Breathtaking. And I’m just glad to see Dwight Twilley’s name mention here.

  6. @Arthur2sheds – yes they have.

    Great album – I also love the pre-db’s Sneakers EP!

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