John Williams :: Flowers In Your Hair


Step back, this has absolutely nothing to do with Scott McKensie’s “San Francisco“. No, this is composer John Williams  (yes, that John Williams) take on ’67 psychedelia. Originally issued on 7″ by Columbia, as the b/w to “Can’t Find Time For Anything Now”, the track was comped on vinyl in the mid-90s via a Swedish psych collection entitled: Fading Yellow Vol.1 – Timeless Pop-Sike And Other Delights (1965-69). Ephemeral and perfect.

John Williams :: Flowers In Your Hair

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5 thoughts on “John Williams :: Flowers In Your Hair

  1. Pretty sure that, despite what you see on the internet, this is not actually THE John Williams. There was another recording artist for Columbia in this era with the same name, and it’s not the same guy. The film composer was already full-swing into his film and television career at the time and it’s doubtful he had any need to participate in the Summer Of Love.

  2. This is the same John Williams that was behind the fantastic Maureeny Wishfull album from 1968, that Jimmy Page played guitar and sitar on.

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