5 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Daniel Bachman – Los Angeles, February 21st

  1. Huge fan of Daniel Bachman. Even if I don’t win tickets, just want to say thanks for setting up this show at such a cool space. The panorama is something special.

  2. love daniel’s playing, so warm but dark and reminiscent of one of my old favorites, robbie basho. also I really enjoyed circuit rider’s september release, saw Lee a few weeks ago and was hoping he’d do another show. very excited that these guys are all playing together in LA so soon, would love to come see them.

  3. Keep up the good work AD! You’ve turned me on to all of the best sounds, and I don’t anticipate that stopping anytime soon. From Daniel Bachman to Dwight Twilley to Chris Forsyth, it really is only the good shit.

  4. After reading for hours and hours and hours and hours of extremely dense research material, this is the only shit that makes sense to me. Divine and bright.

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