Eddie Dimas :: Por Perdido Amor

eddie dimas “For lost love.” Recorded by a 17-year-old Eddie Dimas and his band the Upsets, “Por Perdido Amor” is a woozy ode to love gone wrong. The song was put to tape in Audio Recorders studio — a hallowed Phoenix room where hits by Lee Hazlewood, Waylon Jennings, and Duane Eddy were recorded — and each line is sung with bruised pride.

Though Dimas and the Upsets’ biggest hit, 1966’s “El Mosquito,” favors an instrumental ranchera vibe, “Por Perdido Amor” is a classic slice of Norteî±o soul, tilting lovingly toward Dimas’ affinity for R&B. “His favorite was Motown, he loved the soul music,” Dimas’ son, Eddie Dimas, Jr. explained to Up on the Sun while discussing his father’s passing in 2013. The Upsets’ sound proved to be a popular one in the mid-to-late sixties. After initially recording for Phoenix label Dektr, the band was picked up by Christy Records out of New Mexico and distributed across the Southwest. It’s easy to hear why pressing play on this organ-driven classic. words / j woodbury

Eddie Dimas :: Por Perido Amor

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