Sam Bush :: Sailin’ Shoes


That right there is one Lowell George, he of Little Feat, whose discography has just been reissued by Rhino. In 1972 the band released their second long-player, Sailin’ Shoes, the final album not swamped in the funky Topanga Canyon cum New Orleans r&b sound that would aesthetically define the rest of their days. As such, Sam Bush’s rendering of the album’s title track makes perfect sense. All mandolin and cocaine trees, it’s near definitive in its approach.

Sam Bush :: Sailin’ Shoes

12 thoughts on “Sam Bush :: Sailin’ Shoes

  1. Yes! More bluegrass please. Always come springtime. Don’t forgets Sam bush girl from north country.

  2. gone is the laconic vocal, the laid back slide and shambling shuffle. in its place is a really, really peppy, high energy vocal/mando workout best suited to the early crowd on a cut-rate south seas cruise . . . better suited for one of those ‘Grassers do pop/rock’ anthologies.

    sam bush is a very talented musician, and thanks for offering this up–you’ve turned my head to many great things, but these shoes sail far in the shadow of Lowell’s OG.

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