Around the time when Mickey Newbury was working in Nashville as a hired gun, writing songs for some of the biggest names in country music, he was locked into a recording contract with RCA where he cut two albums of his own — 1968’s Harlequin Melodies and (the 1972 released) Sings His Own. Each record contains a few tracks not found on the other, but are otherwise the same. And while they don’t quite feature the fluid and experimental compositions found on his later Elektra output, they do offer a blueprint for what was to come. “Are My Thoughts With You?”, featured on 1968’s Harlequin Melodies, is a slow build to greatness in the spirit of classic country music longing and reflects the epic songwriting style and vocal range that Newbury would become known for just a few years later with “An American Trilogy.”

Mickey Newbury :: Are My Thoughts With You?

Here, Etta James throws a little dirt on the tune, replacing the twang in Newbury’s guitar with some soulful sway, strings, and a funky horn section. words / p dufrene

Etta James :: Are My Thoughts With You?

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  2. class act that newbury

  3. Ronstadt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9Mtb6KJQj8

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