Glen Campbell :: Guess I’m Dumb (The Shindig! – LA, 1965)

Filmed for ABC’s The Shindig! – Los Angeles, 1965.

Reportedly originally slated for inclusion on the lp The Beach Boys Today!, Brian Wilson penned “Guess I’m Dumb” with Russ Titelman, before handing it over to his pal Glen Campbell. Hints of Pet Sounds abound. The instrumental track (with backing vocals) was released last year via the Beach Boys compilation, Made in California. That said, I’m curious if there any known recordings of Wilson and co. singing lead. Hit up the comments.

4 thoughts on “Glen Campbell :: Guess I’m Dumb (The Shindig! – LA, 1965)

  1. There’s a nice girl group sounding version by Dani Sheridan from around that same time. Produced by the great Shel Talmy!

  2. There are unfortunately no known versions of Brian singing lead. The closest thing to an alternate version is on the BB’s “Made in California” box set – an instrumental version of the track, with no lead vocals, but with background vocals audible of Brian (and his wife Marilyn).

  3. a cool clip . . . shindig had what may’ve been the best house band ever assembled: campbell, leon russell, delaney bramlett, billy preston, james burton(!) and larry knechtel.

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