Country Funk :: Volume II 1967-1974

LITA116_Highres_Cover-675x675It’s a rare thing when a sequel matches the intensity of the original. But like Gator to White Lightning, Light in the Attic’s newly announced Country Funk Volume II 1967-1974 not only equals the grit and stride of the label’s 2012 collection, it actually expands and broadens the genre’s definitions. In our 2012 Year in Review, we stated that the artists featured on the introductory installment took “groovy pleasure in defying record company sanctioned categorization, relishing in a sticky, smoky, purely American cross-pollination and freedom,” and the motley crew gathered for this edition created songs no less ambitious. There’s no shortage of legends here — Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, Jackie DeShannon, JJ Cale, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and Bobby Darin all make appearances — but there’s lesser-knowns too, like Donnie Fritts, Jim Ford, Bill Wilson, and Willis Alan Ramsey, whose nimble-footed jam “Northeast Texas Women” is drawn from his 1972 self-titled release on Leon Russell’s Shelter Records, an album so good he still hasn’t released a follow up. Compiled by AD compatriot Zach Cowie AKA Turquoise Wisdom with LITA men Matt Sullivan and Patrick McCarthy, with notes by Jessica Hundley and art by Jess Rotter, Country Funk II arrives in July 9th. words / j woodbury

Willis Alan Ramsey :: Northeast Texas Women

8 thoughts on “Country Funk :: Volume II 1967-1974

  1. Willis Alan Ramsey, another from the seemingly bottomless seam of great Texan singer / songwriters

  2. Crap, I tought this was going to be about the actual old school 70’s band called Country Funk.

  3. Damn! You have finally posted an artist I knew way back when. The only issue for the short fan base WAR had up here in Tranna and Canada generally was when the next a’bum was coming out. Still the issue huh?? Spider John is SO much better on his record than the cover.

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